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Triassic Center

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The world moved - Permian and Triassic

The world moved - Permian and Triassic

PA-LAE-ON-TO-LO-GY? Dont't know much about it? Then the TRIASSIC Center is just the place to learn more. On two fun-filled levels, children and adults alike can become full-fledged explorers. No matter what weather!

All the stages of the Earth's history can be experienced in the first part of the center: the Permian and Triassic ages, the basics of evolution and amazing facts about the Earth's inhabitants troughout the ages.

After all this theory, it is time to really immerse yourself in the primordial sea - get an up close look at corals and listen to stories about life in the sea. You are guaranteed to bump into the odd dinosaur or two - life - size replicas that you are free to play with!

Triassic Center Waidring - Tirol

If you want to be a researcher you have to start early - the practical part!

Researching also means getting your hands dirty - find out how to determine the age of fossils! Work on the microscope and research tables! Pay attention - on the TRIASSIC Trail you will put the knowledge you collected here to the test.

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