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20 outstanding summer cable cars in Tyrol ensure quality-filled mountain adventures

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The 20 outstanding Tyrol summer cable cars ensure the most wonderful mountain adventures - inspected to meet with the strictest criteria and awarded a seal of approval - "Best Austrian Summer Cable Cars' by the professional association of cable cars in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, have come up with quality-filled mountain adventures. The Steinplatte and Triassic Park received an award in the "Family Mountain" category.
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20 Tirolean summer cable car systems are proud bearers of the “Austrian Summer Cable Car Seal of Quality“ award, © Tirol Werbung
  • Video
    Take a look at - Triassic Park. Get into the gondola and head into primeval times. Discover Triassic Park at Steinplatte Waidring ...
  • Triassic Center
    PA-LAE-ON-TO-LO-GY? Know nothing at all about this? Well, you can find out about the whole ABC of the history of the earth in the first part of the center ...
  • TRIASSIC Trail
    The best thing to do is to warm up for your scientific exploratory tour on the Steinplatte. Primeval times are..
  • TRIASSIC Beach
    An area spanning 200 square metres provides those taking part in expeditions with refreshment - at TRIASSIC Beach ...
Opening times
from 3rd of June, until October 8th
9:00 to 16:45