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Summer season from 31st May to 7th October

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Over 200 million years of fun

You think history is boring? Then you have never been at the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte - Waidring. Dino fun - dinosaurs, corals, ammonites and primal sea - on a height of 1.700 m above sea level awaits the big and little ones directly between the three counties Tyrol - Salzburg - Bavaria. Ready for an exciting adventure trip into the past?

Triassic Center

Triassic Center
Triassic Center

PA-LAE-ON-TO-LO-GY? Know nothing at all about this? Then TRIASSIC Center is just the place for children and adults to become fully fledged expedition participants on the 2 levels.

Triassic Trail

Triassic Trail
Triassic Trail

The best thing to do is to warm up for your scientific exploratory tour on the Steinplatte. Primeval times are not boringly swotting up on facts - no, they are about climbing, digging and playing!

Triassic Beach

NewTriassic Beach
Triassic Beach

An area spanning 200 square metres provides those taking part in expeditions with refreshment - at TRIASSIC Beach you get to splash about – and ride the water dinosaurs!

Not for the faint-hearted?

Not for the faint-hearted?
Not for the faint-hearted?

Spectacular insights and breath-taking views await on the 'Coral' - an oval viewing platform, which is suspended 70 m above the cevasse below.

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The interactive adventure park makes history alive like never before

  • An instructive circular walk of 4 km in length and about 210 meters in altitude
  • 30 m long Dino tube slide in the "Minimeer"
  • Treasure hunt in the highest sandy beach of the Alps "Triassic Beach"
  • As a result of a hard winter the air dinosaur is currently not mounted, we are sorry!
  • The drip stone cave is getting it’s final touch and will be open soon.

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directly to Steinplatte

Get to the popular hiking paradise of the Steinplatte easily and uncomplicated via Reit im Winkl or Waidring.

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As a popular skiing and hiking area between Salzburg, Tyrol and Bavaria, the Steinplatte attracts with sporting highlights for nature lovers. It is hard to believe that the prehistoric sea of Tethys was there 200 million years ago and prehistoric giant reptiles had their fun. If you want to immerse yourself in these past times, is the right place in the Triassic Park. The interactive adventure park makes history alive like never before. Just get into the time capsule - underwater gondola - and .... in the alpine beforebeforebefore... yesterday get out: fun for 200 million years!

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